Which Above Ground Pool Liner is Right for You?

If this is your first time shopping for an above ground pool liner, you’re probably surprised at the options that are available and the decisions you need to make, these essentials are no longer one size fits all; today they come in an array of styles to meet your exact needs.
If you are not sure which above ground pool liner you have, you simply need to evaluate its configurations where thickness and design are concerned. When you are shopping for a replacement, you must make sure that you purchase one for an above ground pool. Also, don’t put off replacing your liner until next season just because you’re not sure which one to buy. Replacing one that is worn out will significantly extend your pool’s life.Choosing the Right Above Ground Pool Liner

Overlap – Here’s a very popular and practical choice; these liners install just under the pool’s top rail. When installing this variety, the entire top rail needs to be removed. Then, the liner is added with the edges draped over the top of the walls. The liner is held in place with long clips; the rail is replaced to how it previously was and any overhang of the liner is trimmed.

J-Hook – Also known as Uni-Bead, this type of above ground pool liner will feature hooks that extend over the wall of the pool. This style will have the hooks already attached right when you take it out of the box however, you can remove the hooked section by tearing along the perforation and then you can use it as a beaded liner as well. You will find that if you have an overlap type of pool, this is a preferred choice because it offers the opportunity for a decorative border. You will need to provide accurate measurements when ordering a J-Hook liner.

Beaded – This is one of the more popular styles primarily due to the borders and designs that are available. Since the liner does not overlap the pool, measurements must be precise, especially if you are ordering an above ground pool liner with a border. The last thing that you want to do is have to trim some of the design away. It is helpful to evaluate the bead size of your current liner and stick with one that is the same. If you’re not exactly sure of the size you have, you can always send a piece of the liner to be evaluated by the retailer; this will ensure a proper fit.

Expandable –  These offer a great alternative to buying a new pool just because the kids are grown and now you want something deeper. Since this type of above ground pool liner is prone to damage and wrinkling it is recommended to spend a little more for a 25-guage, with a 30-guage being the preferred choice. Expandable liners should be installed on warm, sunny days and you need to take the time to smooth any wrinkles as you go.
While the above are all popular options, you also don’t want to overlook having one custom made either. Of course, if your pool is an unusual shape or size, this is typically your only option. A custom made above ground pool liner will ensure the perfect fit. Keep in mind that most companies will not accept a liner back once the box has been open so double check the dimensions for correct sizes.


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